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The Western Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs is dedicated to serving the fire officers and departments of Western Michigan. The WMAFC has been in existence since 1947. During that time we have earned a reputation as an organization that is forward thinking, available to its members, and aggressive in its efforts to support the fire service. The approximate boundaries for the WMAFC follow US-10 from Ludington to US-127 and south on US-127 to the Indiana line. Anyone may belong to any of the various regional associations.

Meetings   Membership meetings are held throughout the region. Executive Board meetings are open to all members.
Committees   WMAFC has an active list of committees that include members. These committees provide those with less time an opportunity to be active.
Education    Informative educational opportunities in conjunction with each meeting. Fire Chief 101 - The Strategy and Tactics of Administration.
Networking    Our meetings and social activities provide an excellent opportunity to meet the “movers and shakers” in Michigan’s fire service.
Legislation   The WMAFC have been active in the development and sponsorship of fire service legislation in Michigan as well as on a national level.The WMAFC sponsors an annual meeting with the legislators. This meeting provides the Legislators an opportunity to address issues that concern the members of the fire service.
Advocacy   The WMAFC may represent the fire service on occasions when local governments need assistance in conjunction with fire department problems.

Membership Levels

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Membership dues shall be collected on a yearly basis at the following rates.

 Active Membership $40  Associate Membership $40  Sustaining Membership $150


Active Members
  • The Chief of the Fire Department and all Chief Officers as designated by the Chief of a regularly organized public, private, governmental, or industrial fire departments.
  • Fire Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Directors, Deputy Directors.
  • The State Fire Marshal and principal deputies.
  • Public Safety Directors, Deputy Public Safety Directors, and those Chief Officers designated by the Public Safety Director whose primary responsibility is devoted to Fire Administration and or Operations.
  • The Executive Secretary of the Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council and Council Coordinators.
  • The Director of the Office of Fire Safety for the State of Michigan and principal deputies.
  • The Commander of the Michigan State Police Emergency Management Division and principal deputies.
Associate Members
  • Fire Officers in State, County, Municipal and Township fire departments.
  • Persons affiliated with any fire investigation, fire underwriting, fire education, or fire research firm or corporation.
  • The staff of the State Fire Marshal's office and the Office of Fire Safety (CIS).
Sustaining Members 
  • Salespersons of Fire Service related products or services.
  • Manufacturers of Fire Service related products or services.
Lifetime Members 
  • Lifetime membership shall be requested from the executive board.
  • Retired members shall include any Active members that retire from the fire service.

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